My QBS bag toting groceries in style!

Don’t you love my grocery tote??!

The last day of my cleansing fast. Went to our new Fresh Market & packed my veggies in my classic QBS GG! I have to say this cleanse worked its magic again. I’m feeling my old self & getting ready for Landon’s Azalea Festival in Bethesda next Friday. Hope to see you there.

Cleanse & energize day 2

Day 2 has been a breeze.  I am feeling good & enjoyed drinking my green juice all day.  Lots of water too.  I will say that parsley took a toll on my juicer.  That herb is hard to juice!  Anyway, it did its job and all is well in Kim’s world.  I decided to plug our local brewery so here is my green drink in my Saltwater Brewery glass.  I’m a big fan of those boys: nephew, son & 2 former students of mine!  I do think they would approve. No beer for me today.  Today’s drink called for ginger – I have to say I love ginger.  I used a big root so it had quite a kick!  Stay tuned for day 3.

Day 2's spicy green drink

Day 2’s spicy green drink

Cleanse and energize menu

Writing about me today!  As president of a small company I wear a TON of hats.  Yesterday, Monday of course, was a terrible, no good, very bad day and it had nothing to do with my business.  I woke up tired and foggy, maybe partially because of my Easter celebrating i.e. both key lime & banana cream pie for dessert!  Whatever the reason, my energy level continued to sink even after my nap at 2pm.  So I got myself motivated enough to go to the market and pick up my ‘cleanse’ ingredients.  I have cleansed 4 times since my darling friend Beth, writer of Haute & Healthy blog, told me about it a year ago.  The first time I ‘cleansed’ I had a headache for 2 days but since then I LOVE IT!  I started DAY 1 today and feel so much better already.  More energy and much less foggy.  I do believe diet is everything and if any of you ever feel like I did I suggest you try a ‘cleanse’.  It’s an inspiring kick start to cleaner eating.  If you need any help let me know – I’m not an expert but I know what works for me!

Liver & Kidney detox

Liver & Kidney detox

Three days of juices, eight ounces every hour for eight hours, lots of water in between & lean protein with veggies after 6 pm.

Day 1: Liver & Kidney Detox

Blend 3 apples, 3 beets, 3 tomatoes, 3 large carrots, 3 pieces of celery, 3 cucumber, & 3 juiced lemon together [ 8 oz. every hour for 8 hours ].

Day 2: Green Drink

Blend 3 apples, 3 pieces of celery, 3 whole cucumber, 2 peeled or unpeeled ginger roots, 3 heaping handfuls of parsley & 3 heaping handfuls of spinach together [8 oz. every hour for 8 hours ].

Day 3:  Super Colon Detox

Blend 3 beets, 3 large carrots, 3 pieces of celery, 3 whole cucumber, 2 peeled or unpeeled ginger roots, 3 juiced lemons, 3 heaping handfuls of lettuce, 3 heaping handfuls of parsley & 3 heaping handfuls of kale [ 8 oz. every hour for 8 hours ].

Needlepoint Spring Easter basket

Well – I’m always looking for a unique gift and how perfect are these? Two more wonderful QBS fans designed these needlepoint creations. One loving Grandma made a special Easter basket for her little angel that can convert to a versatile accessory for the rest of the year. And the next one, designed by noted needlepoint blogger Barbara Bergsten, is personalized in happy spring colors for the monogram lovers out there. I am so impressed. I certainly admire their needlepointing skills and especially their creative use of QBS baskets.


Large Rehobeth basket with Delray Beach ribbon.


Noted needlepoint blogger, Barbara Bergsten, designed this fabulous monogrammed QBS Peek a boo basket!

TBT- Queen Bea Studio baskets and bags

Throw back to QBS origins.

Throw back to QBS origins.

vintage handbag

Bark cloth vintage

I am honoring Throwback Thursday! One of our QBS fans, who takes really good care of her bags, was kind enough to share these photos with us for TBT. The black bark cloth print was a favorite of mine then and still is. We only made a few of them -one of those rare finds. Of course the Ribbon tote was hugely popular and came in 2 sizes. The pink/lime combo was a big hit too. Do any of you remember this far back?? Queen BEA Studio (now shortened to QBS) 14 years and counting!
Simply pretty – as usual.

Personalized Tote with Dog Image.

 Arline from Washington, DC is so pleased with her QBS Designs personalized tote with dog image. She completed the needlework of her Westie’s image herself, sent it to us and we added it to the bag of her choice – the zig zag canvas tote. We can personalize any of our totes with your favorite pet, just contact us  and let us know your design! personalized tote with dog image